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"Everything you have achieved and learned in your professional life so far can be a springboard for a new, more satisfying, reinvented career!"
Trudy Lloyd

Hello I’m Trudy. If your career situation feels difficult, but making changes or moving on feels daunting, I understand. I’ve helped many people, just like you, tap into their desires, find inner strength, handle fears and move forward to work they’re fired up about!

Perhaps you’ve felt a pull to change your career or to reinvent it. Perhaps you want to channel talents that you’re not using at the moment – like your creativity or leadership skills. Perhaps you’re itching to start your own business. Maybe you want to ‘design’ a role for yourself that’s more flexible and which will fit round family commitments, or which lets you take care of your own health issues.

But despite having exciting dreams, you still feel fearful and ‘stuck’. 
RELAX. It’s natural to worry about change. The good news is with simple tools and techniques you can overcome your fears and go after great new opportunities at midlife. You’ll find such tips in my short e-book. Download this now and you can be on your way to your brilliant new career!
Trudy Lloyd BA(hons) MBA MCIM : Career Reinvention Coach

From Ideas to Plans! 
"I've worked with Trudy for a while and I've moved from having no idea where I wanted to take my career to identifying brand new options, researching them, looking at the new skills I needed, gaining those skills and I'm now in a brand new role in international development. I've never enjoyed my work so much. "
Sue S

Hugely Worthwhile

"Go! As a professional I found it very worthwhile. I found it hugely inspiring to work with Trudy."

Emilie S
Very Supportive 
"I was really stuck before I went to the workshop. Looking back I realise I was scared because I was really stuck and no longer knew where I was going in my career. The workshop was incredibly motivating - there were other people in a similar situation. The work we did helped me realise just how many options I have. Trudy was incredibly motiovating to work with."
Paul T
Fast Results
"Trudy coaches and equips you with thinking tools that achieve fast results."
Phil H
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You can download Your FREE ebook here.
​Rest assured. We look after your data and never
share it with anyone else